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Startup Weekend Thessaloniki


The third Startup Weekend Thessaloniki is organized by OK! THESS on December 7th...

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Digital Transformation in Thessaloniki


On October 16th the European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration...

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Discussing RAP and Regional Conference in Magdeburg


8th meeting of the regional stakeholder group

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Competition of innovative companies in Usti Region


Ústí Region in cooperation with the regional Innovation Centre launched the...

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ANATOLIKI SA at Entrepreneurial Strengthening Event


ANATOLIKI SA participated in the event for Entrepreneurial Strengthening...

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First policy change published in Saxony-Anhalt


On September 17th, 2018, the revised and improved policy instrument “Business...

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Florentine conference on open data and geomarketing


The Municipality of Florence, in collaboration with the SAGAS Department of the...

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Florence: workshop on ERDF opportunities for startup


On 18th September at 15 workshop on ERDF opportunities for startups will take...

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5G comes to Greater Birmingham


The West Midlands region in the UK is set to host the UK’s first multi-city 5G...

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New sector pledge - £7.5 m UK Government injection


A new “digital pledge” backed by £7.5 million of government funding has been...

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PURE COSMOS takes the Omnibus


Due to the EU council’s new “Omnibus-regulation” some policy changes in...

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Electronic customer control for Greek businesses


The Greek Independent Authority for Public Revenue converts the taxpayers...

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