Second stakeholders meeting

First meeting of the Strategic Committee of the Interreg Europe QUALIFY Project

The first meeting of the Strategic Committee of the QUALIFY project took place on July 2 at the headquarters of the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food in Barcelona. A total of 63 professionals from the agri-food sector attended in person and also online.

Among the attendees, there were experts from different fields (Administration, Industry, Research and Civil Society), debating and sharing views and needs, but with a single global interest: Improving the competitiveness of agri-food SMEs, promoting aspects of quality, authenticity and food fraud prevention.  

The QUALIFY project promotes the goal of the new "From Farm to Fork" strategy to fight fraud along the food chain to create a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system.  

At the end, the QUALIFY project will have to draw up an Action Plan where actions will be proposed in the specific areas of the project that could be financed with European funds, among others, those intended for economic recovery. 

The Strategic Committee of the QUALIFY project, which has now been set up, has 77 professionals in the sector. It is a consultative, participatory and lively body that will be active throughout the project and which can be joined by all those people and organizations that want to and have interest to join. It is expected that this Committee will have the functions of identifying the needs of agri-food SMEs to be more competitive in terms of self-control of food quality, authenticity and the fight against fraud, and also to identify the actions that should make up the project action plan. Finally, the Committee contributes to the dissemination of the project among the stakeholders.  

This first meeting consolidates a professional network to work in a coordinated manner over the coming years and achieve the development of a complete and effective Action Plan, which will improve the competitiveness of agri-food SMEs by highlighting the food quality and authenticity and the fight against food fraud. 


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