On the 9th of November an online partner meeting within the framework of the Interreg Europe Qualify Project was held. The reason for the meeting was to follow up on the activities foreseen in the Action Plan for each country.

At the beginning of the meeting, Ricard Esparza informed the participants about the project timings, the timeline of the Action Plan activities as well as further details about the final event that will be held in Barcelona during the spring of 2023 (april/may).

Our project partners from Catalonia (María Llarena), France (Sílvia Carrió), Slovenia (Jana Ramus), Greece (Sotiris Serdenis), Estonia (Ms. Kairi Raik) and Bulgaria (Natalia Dicheva), briefly presented the current state and development of the activities included in their respective Action Plans, as well as the unexpected problems or contingencies that can be taken place during the last weeks.