On Tuesday, 4th December, Zasavje Regional Development Agency organized first stakeholder meeting for the RAMSAT project of Interreg Europe programme. The meeting took place in a former mine building, which has been converted to a youth centre.

The meeting was attended by stakeholders from different organisations and associations, such as municipality, cultural and recreational centre, touristic information centre, hiking associations, cultural heritage and education association, marionette association, and a few others.

The meeting began by the project manager describing and explaining the project itself as well as objectives and the course of the whole project.

The main and most important part of the meeting was the start of collective analysis of the region’s state. The brainstorming and discussion of such various public was very productive and full of interesting ideas, which we compiled into swot analyses of different aspects of alternative tourism development, based on cultural and natural heritage protection.

The meeting concluded with an informal gathering, where several ideas and information were exchanged among stakeholders .