The main purpose of this first stakeholders’ group meeting was:

- to create a region profile and to present data, maps and infographics regarding Alternative Tourism policy instruments and the Natural and Cultural Heritage;

- to individulizate, within a SWOT analysis, the assets, challenges and potentiality related to the implementation of Alternative Tourism strategies in the region;

- to nominate 2 stakeholders that will participate in the Interregional workshop "RAMSAT. The State of Art".

The regional stakeholders working group included entities closely related to tourism sector development.

Within this meeting, the group took an active part by sharing impressions, potential obstacles and opportunities that they face in their daily activities. It has become clear that much has been done so far, but much remains to be done to attract more people to participate in tourism activities, to improve the existing infrastructure and to attract young people to work and invest in the tourism sector. In order to get a real idea of how stakeholders evaluate the region current status, it was asked to the group to fill in some questionnaires regarding alternative tourism and this will represent a base for the work under development and in wath regards the regional SWOT analysis.

Also, it was presented to the participants the next project event, namely the Interregional Technical Workshop, which is to be held in Pleven in May 2020 and with the topic "State-of-art of alternative tourism".