The meeting was attended by stakeholders coming from different organisations and associations, such as Municipalities, regional development agencies, tourism associations, higher education institutions, among others. 

The meeting began by the representative of CIMAA, Prof. Carlos Nogueiro, describing in brief words the overall objectives of the project and the purpose of this meeting.

Then the project manager explained with more detail the project itself, activities foreseen, budget, partners and the Interreg Europe program, namely the ultimate goal of developing an action plan to be implemented in the second phase, the share of good practices, among others.

The main and most important part of the meeting was the launching of a challenge to the stakeholders, aiming to gather some examples of good practices in the region, as well as the beginning of the development of the SWOT analysis taking into account the typologies described in the application, namely, ecotourism, adventure tourism, cultural tourism and rural tourism.

The brainstorming and discussion was very productive and full of interesting ideas Namely, it was pointed out that Alto Alentejo region has its own specific characteristics such as outdoor and alternative tourism, and there is also a relationship with tourism outside the mountain area, such as equestrian tourism. So, Serra de São Mamede should be considered as a common point.

In this first meeting, it was possible to draft a SWOT analysis of the region and to share some ideas regarding the regional priorities.

The meeting concluded with an informal gathering/coffee break, where several ideas and information were exchanged among stakeholders.