On 19 March 2020, RAMSAT project participated in the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform online discussion on sustainable cultural tourism as an opportunity for local development.

The objective of the discussion was to share the latest EU developments in sustainable cultural tourism with the Interreg Europe community. More specifically, benefiting from the participation of a representative of DG Culture, Youth and Education we will focus on the Recommendations of the Sustainable Cultural Tourism Open Method of Coordination working group (SCT OMC) of the European Commission. 

The discussion focused on three issues: 

  • Promote community ‘ownership’ of cultural heritage; 
  • Integration of cultural heritage into the design of new cultural tourism offers;
  • Fundraising strategies for the protection and presentation of cultural heritage.

Several projects share briefly their good practices and Ann Grady, from DG Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, presented some recommendations. All the participants had the opportunity to exchange some experiences regarding sustainable cultural tourism.