On March 8, 2022, an interregional workshop of the RATIO project was held, which was organized by PP6, Vidzeme Planning Region from Latvia. The topic of the workshop was devoted to good practices from individual regions, where each of the RATIO project partners presented some of the good practices, that have proved successful in the respective region. The basic presentation was an interesting presentation given by Mr. Arturs Dombrovskis, "Covid-19 Pandemic: An Opportunity for Innovative Business Solutions". In the next program, each of the partner representatives presented to the workshop participants one good practice from their region. A thematic discussion followed, divided into 2 topics: "Digitalization of Measures" and the "New Ways for Finances". After the disscussions, the results of the thematic discussions were summarized and the workshop was concluded. The workshop contributed to the exchange of experience between regions and made a piece of added value for the RATIO project results and transfer of experience how to help to economic development in rural regions.