Study Visit 4 - Good practice presentation from a policy perspective

We are ending the 2nd project semester with our fourth study visit to the beautiful city of Barcelona on November 27-29. The programme is organised by our Spanish project partner Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and focuses on further exchanging good practices from a policy perspective.

Barcelona has a very vibrant and dynamic startup ecosystem, especially in the field of new technologies such as Internet, Mobile Software and services, e-commerce, Big Data and Tourism. Learn more about the ecosystem

The agenda is filled to the brim with some of the best practices and initiatives from Spain, accompanied by a handful of relevant stakeholder presentations and inputs from several other projects.

The Presentations

  • RIS3CAT (Regional Catalan Smart Specialisation Strategy) – Tatiana Fernández Sirera, Directorate General for Economic Promotion, Competition and Regulation
  • Experience Industries in Catalonia - Albert Lorente, ACCIÓ, Government of Catalonia  
  • Wine cultural heritage and tourism development in the Montcau valley - Anna Martínez, European Projects Officer, Tourism Department of Barcelona Provincial Council and Dèlia Perpinyà, Tourislab, Tourism innovation and dinamization  
  • Repayable contributions and participative loans, a financial scheme for cultural start-ups - Edgar Garcia, Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies, Government of Catalonia  
  • Creating new audiences for audiovisuals, literature and classical music - Eugeni Terré, cultural expert  
  • Liepaja Creative Industry Cluster and other local measures supporting CCIs - Atis Eglins-Eglitis, LIAA (Liepaja Business incubator), Latvia  
  • Invio - Cluster for Innovation and Experience Economy - Karoline Haulund, Creative Business Cup
  • STARTS (Science, Technology and the ARTS) initiative - Luis Miguel Girao, DG Connect  
  • Barcelona Media Alliance and Experience-based industries Hub (e!xperience) - Xavier Cubeles, EURECAT technology center  
  • Barcelona Design Center and Design4Innovation project - Alba Obiols, Barcelona Design Center 
  • Urban Scene - From “our space” to “no man’s space…And back - Daniela Maier, vice-president The Romanian Order of Architects - Transilvania Branch, Romania
  • Monuments in the center of life and the sustainable development - Evdokimos Fregoglou, Diazoma


The Study Visits

Canòdrom Creative Industries Research Park

The Creative Research Park is a space for innovation and entrepreneurship for talented individuals in the creative and cultural industries. A space that is at the service for cultural entrepreneurs to turn their creative ideas in sectors such as the arts, technology and science, into new services and products. A benchmark for movers and shakers, and the industry. An open space for research and creativity. A space for the city and the citizen.



One of the leading laboratories of the worldwide network of Fab Labs. Fab Lab Barcelona is part of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, where it support different educational and research programs related with the multiple scales of the human habitat. It is also the headquarters of the global coordination of the Fab Academy program in collaboration with the Fab Foundation and the MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms; the Fab Academy is a distributed platform of education and research in which each Fab Labs operates as a classroom and the planet as the campus of the largest University in construction in the world, where students learn about the principles, applications and implications of digital manufacturing technology.



Disseny Hub Barcelona is an open, innovative and experimental municipal facility that is physically and conceptually designed to be the engine and driver of the knowledge economy, creativity and innovation. It is a multifunctional and multidisciplinary centre that seeks to turn the emerging design sector into a leader in Europe and the world.


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