10:30 Arrival

11:00 Welcoming Words 


Marlis Baurecht, Area Manager Entrepreneurship | IPR | Seed financing, aws

Brief introduction to Regional Creative Industries Alliance (RCIA) Project
Christina Koch, Project Leader RCIA

The Concept of Policy Round Tables
Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning, CEO Creative Business Cup

Overview to Austrian Challenges and Objectives
Michael Hofegger, Head of Department Creative Industries | Entrepreneurship, aws

  • Main Focus at Policy Round Table: Creative Growth Programme
    Cornerstones of the programme; what is the status quo
    Karin Emprechtinger, Programme Manager Creative Growth
  • Joint Discussion
    How to best implement the project’s goal, experiences from experts/other regions, what to focus on continually, consideration of the political context of the programme
  • Side Focus at Policy Round Table: Capacity Building for Banks
    Joint Discussion
    What experiences do the other regions have with this, what worked/what didn’t work, suggestions to Austria

Wrapping up with discussions on the possibilities to integrate the partners‘ inputs and knowledge into the Austrian Local Action Plan

18:00 End of Policy Round Table