14:00 Arrival 

Welcoming Words
Renate Ranzi, Ecosystem Film & Creative Industries Coordinator, IDM

The Concept of Policy Round Tables
Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning, CEO Creative Business Cup 

  • Overview 1
    RIS3 and financial instruments already implemented by the Dep. Research and Innovation of Autonomous Province of Bolzano
  • Measures
    Film Fund and Commission 
     Impulsi Vivi
    MATCH! #1
    Ecosystem Film & Creative Industries and Creative Industries Strategy South Tyrol  
  • Joint Discussion
    Discussion on the overview and measures presented
    Confrontation with other partners’ context situations
  • Panel discussion on a local match-making project with companies and Free University of Bolzano and discussion on other nation’s best practices on cross-fertilization
    Moderated by Petra Rohregger 

  •  IDM presents the “Creative Industries Strategy South Tyrol” in detail, with relation to the RIS3 Strategy and explanation of the process with research institutions, companies and local actors. Focus on reached outputs and future steps. Feedback asked from AWS in comparison with their national Creative Industries Strategy and Wallonia, especially on Creative Wallonia Policy Instruments.  
  • Joint discussion
    Feedback on project design, future steps and implementation, monitoring criteria of the strategy.  How to best implement the project’s goal, experiences from experts/other regions, what to focus on the content side, consideration of the political context of the program for the implementation of a policy for Creative Industries.
  •  Side Focus at Policy Round Table:
    Cross-collaboration and match-making IDM presents in depth the first initiative to help the match-making process between students from the Faculty of Design & Art (class Product Design) of Free University of Bolzano and local companies from traditional sectors. Feedback asked​ from Austria and Wallonia on voucher schemes.
  • Joint Discussion
     What experiences do the other regions have with this, what worked/what didn’t work, suggestions to Italy 
  • Final discussion
    Wrapping up with discussion on the possibilities to integrate the partners‘ inputs and knowledge into the Italian Local Action Plan. 
    Which is a possible policy instrument for South Tyrol, considering that some of them will emerge from the CI Strategy ST?
    Discussion on Creative Industries Voucher (general) 
    How to structure financial instruments for Creative Industries
    (e.g. voucher schemes, design committee, trainings for banks?)
    How to create a design forum that works also on a policy level? How to monitor and evaluate success stories?

    13:30 End of Policy Round Table