9:00 Arrival

9:30 Welcoming words
Madara Dambe – Krastkalne, Head of Program development department, Altum

Brief introduction to Regional Creative Industries Alliance (RCIA) Project Christina Koch, Project Leader RCIA

  The concept of policy round tables Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning, CEO Creative Business Cup  

  •   Main focus at Policy Round Table:
    Why Altum’s products are not interesting for most of CCIs? Presentation of Altum’s main products for SMEs and findings on CCI attitude towards opportunities in attracting financing Gundega Ķikuste, senior project manager, Altum   
  • Joint discussion
    Does and how Altum’s products correlates with reasons identified by European Investment Fund on limited access to finance of SMEs in CCS; What can be considered main elements, that eliminates chances for CCIs to use Altum’s products; is there a problem only in Altum’s products or there are other reasons why CCIs do not seek additional financing; can Altum provide sufficient growth in CCIs that decide to use financing of financial instruments only by using financial instruments Side focus at Policy Round Table: What can Altum do to attract more CCIs?
  • Joint discussion
    What Altum has to adjust to its products; do Altum need new, specific instrument just for CCIs; what are main conditions that must be set out for CCIs; how large should be the scope of support

End of Policy Round Table