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Local Action Plan for City of Lublin


Exchanging good practices, local stakeholders group meetings, and results of the...

Type: Project

Local Action Plan - IDM Südtirol


Benefit from highly skilled people and knowledge transfer - Focus on the...

Type: Project

Catalonia's Local Action Plan to Support CCIs


Read here what happend in the second project phase dedicated to the...

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Creative Hubs and Walloon Fablabs - Covid-19 Actions


Walloon fablabs mobilize their resources: teams and tools (3D printers, 3D laser...

Type: Project

Evaluate before Designing- New Policy


The creative hubs policy is our instrument to address in this RCIA Interreg...

Type: Project

RCIA meets Design4Innovation project


The Interreg Europe RCIA sister project Design 4 Innovation celebrated its final...

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Learnings from Staff Exchange in Barcelona, 2019


On 6-7 May 2019, the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce hosted a Staff Exchange in...

Type: Project

Audience Development in Live arts


A cultural good or service has a social value and it does not reach its full...

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Lublin dissemination event - Lubelski Wzór 2019


Lubelski Wzór is the largest event combining the creative industry with...

Type: Project

RCIA Dissemination event in Northern Transylvania


What better environment to disseminate the European creative industries best...

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Staff Exchange in Wallonia, Belgium


Last October partners from Austria, Italy (Sud Tyrol) and Barcelona congregated...

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