Action 1

Title of action: Design&Plug

Brief description on what it is about

Design&Plug is a creativity programme for entrepreneurs and SMEs inspired by a good practice from Wallonia – the Creative Hub Liège. The introduction of creative methodologies to help entrepreneurs in the creative industries to develop and launch their projects and future businesses has proven to be a very successful initiative in Wallonia, as is the case of Wap’s Hub3, the creative hub of the city of Tournai, another very inspiring good practice published under Interreg Europe Policy Learning platform.

The Barcelona Chamber of Commerce has launched the Design&Plug programme with the main objective of helping entrepreneurs and SMEs to create new services and products in an ever-changing context, facilitating relevant and appropriate creativity methods. Creative methodologies help businesses to be more flexible and open their minds to collaborate with other creatives to boost competitiveness, productivity, sustainable growth and ultimately, work opportunities.

Who is involved/how is the stakeholder-cooperation?

The stakeholders from the Local Stakheolder Group have been actively involved in the dissemination of the Design&Plug programme to reach the widest audience possible (Catalan Government – ICEC, Barcelona City Council, Canodrom Creative Research Park, etc).

Highlights and outstanding outcomes

The main benefits of Design&Plug programme for the participating entrepreneurs and SMEshave been:

New contacts: be able to work with a group of cross-disciplinary entrepreneurs that interact among them, learn from each other and find opportunities of collaboration across industries.

Hands-on methodologies: Introduction of creative methodologies in the development of projects, such as Brainstorming, improvisation, scripting, gamification, and Design Thinking.

Testimonials from the participants:

  • “I take home several creativity tools to apply to my business”
  • “I have managed to get a new perspective on my project and focus on bringing in some action”
  • “I have gained confidence in my resources”
  • “I have learned from others”

Action 2

Title of action: The InnoCámaras Programme

Brief description on what it is about

The InnoCámaras programme is a well-consolidated initiative that aims to improve the competitiveness of SMEs implementing innovation processes in their business strategies to achieve sustained economic growth. To this end, SMEs are given the possibility to develop implementation plans of innovative solutions consisting in the development of a plan of sensitisation and tutored support that includes two sequential and progressive phases: An initial diagnosis including advice to SMEs and the elaboration of an Individual Plan for the implementation of innovative solutions.

BCC is committed to increase the share of CCI companies among the recipients of this scheme and make them benefit from the knowledge and financial support available, as nowadays this programme is mostly used by industrial and technological companies.

Who is involved/how is the stakeholder-cooperation?

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce (intermediary organisation for ERDF funds) as the organisation coordinating the InnoCamaras programme among all Chambers of Commerce in Spain.

Other regional stakeholders already involved all along the project (Local Stakeholder Group) to disseminate the call for proposals among the widest CCI audience possible.

Highlights and outstanding outcomes

This action will be implemented during the first semester of 2021.