Action 2 (2nd sub action)

Title of action: Supporting and intensifying the operation of the regional Film Office

Brief description on what it is about:

The goal of the activity is to support the Film Office of Sterea Ellada in attracting foreign and Greek audiovisual productions and further meeting the needs of producers interested in filming in regional sites.

Who is involved/how is the stakeholder-cooperation?

In order to do so, the activity will perform an exhaustive identification and documentation of funding opportunities around the globe that could be leveraged in order to support any potential audiovisual productions in the geographic boundaries of the region of Sterea Ellada. The funding sources material will be updated regularly in order to provide an almost real time depiction of available funding opportunities. Additionally, the activity will produce an online repository of possible filming locations of the Region in order to facilitate Greek line producers and location scouts.

Highlights and outstanding outcomes:

The results of the aforementioned activities, which will be run by the Film Office with the support of the Directorate of Tourism of the Region of Sterea Ellada, will be published and hosted online on the official web site of the Film Office of Sterea Ellada. The activity will be financed by investment priority 3c.