Action 1


Brief description on what it is about:

Based on the best practices from partner regions, the aim is to transform the current public infrastructure CREIC – Regional Excellence Centre for Creative Industries, into a dynamic and vivid place, where creatives can grow and develop, where creative and cross-sectoral links would be established and where the SMEs from the sector can benefit of a range of services. The only service available was the renting offices and spaces which come along with the security and building administration facilities.

Who is involved/how is the stakeholder-cooperation?

  • CREIC – Regional Excellence Centre for Creative Industries (public infrastructure)
  • Cluj Innovation Park – as administrator of CREIC
  • Cluj-Napoca Municipality – as own shareholder of Cluj Innovation Park
  • Transylvania Creative Industries Cluster – managed by Cluj Innovation Park team and carrying out animation and support activities
  • Clusters: Transilvania IT, Cluj IT, Transylvanian Furniture, carrying out SME members dedicated activities within CREIC
  • Cluj Cultural Centre: events and support activities for the CCI

Highlights and outstanding outcomes:

2020: Transylvania Creative Industries Cluster together with Cluj Innovation Park and Hygia Consult SRL prepared and submitted for being financed from Competitiveness Operation Program (POC 2014-2020) Measure – Innovation Clusters, a project enclosing CCI lab development, equipment and innovation support activities included. The proposal “Transylvania digital film studios – research, development, innovation and ICT integration” aims to develop three laboratories for film production (film digitalization; animation; research and development of cinematographic solutions). Due to pandemic, the evaluation is still ongoing in 2021.

2020: within Urban Innovative Action project under implementation – Future of Work, several support activities were carried out by the Transylvania Creative Industries Cluster, Transylvania IT Cluster, Cluj IT Cluster and Transylvanian Furniture Cluster. Under this initiative three laboratories are considered: Film Lab, Design Lab, Work 4.0 Lab). Two of them (Film and Design Labs) are already equipped and functional: for animation and sound management (Film Lab) and with 3D scanners and printers, software and hardware for product design and development, testing equipment for new products (Design Lab). Training sessions are already organized in these two laboratories for film production and design skills development. In 2021 the Work 4.0 Lab will be completed for machine learning and automation.

2020: within a Competitiveness Operation Program (POC 2014-2020) project under implementation, Transylvanian Furniture Cluster developed a testing laboratory andowed with dedicated equipment in CREIC, renting also two connected parcels for expanding its activity linking the production facilities of the cluster members with the design expertise around CREIC.