Action 2

Title of action: Establish TRANSYLVANIA FILM FUND

Brief description on what it is about: Creation of an Investment Film Fund willing to trigger and to develop the film industry around Cluj-Napoca and beyond, promoting Transylvania as a filming location, taking advantage of both its natural resources such as breath-taking landscapes and castles, including boosting by the myth of Dracula but also involving its skilled people, having dedicated higher education in film production.

Who is involved/how is the stakeholder-cooperation?

This measure was aimed to be implemented by Cluj-Napoca Municipality, which in the last years was preparing the documentation for approval for the Local Film Fund. Besides the various difficulties in national approvals, pandemics turned this initiative into a shelter one for now, without having a certainty on when will be upgraded again.

Nonetheless, actions in this direction have been taken locally by two stakeholders:

  • 23 FILM Studio & Media – cinema association and film producer which in 2020 won a RO-Cultura project, financed by EEA& Norway Grants
  • Transylvania Creative Industries Cluster – having members within the movie industry, contributing to the implementation of the initiative and attracting beneficiaries from CCI industry

Highlights and outstanding outcomes:

Transylvanian Moviepreneurs – regional initiative funded by EEA & Norway Grants with 128.719 euro, started in autumn 2020 for 16 months. 23 FILM Studio& Media and CIVITAS Foundation are implementing this project in two cities from the North-West Region of Romania and in other two cities from other regions. The aim of the initiative is to develop entrepreneurial competences for 40 professionals from the cultural & creative industries (out of which 21 from the movie industry), create 10 new workplaces and disseminate a minority related movie production (social, ethnical, cultural minority) to a minimum of 700 participants/ viewers.

Following the launching of the project in October 2020, a creation Bootcamp was being prepared starting from 2021, dedicated to TV and cinema industry, in order to improve staff competences and to attract new participants. An exchange of experience with an Islandic partner will complement and enrich the project activities. Transylvania Creative Industries Cluster participated to the dissemination of the initiative and attraction of target group. CREIC will be the host of the training programs if pandemic allows, otherwise online sessions will be organized.

Action 3

Title of action: Regional Creative Voucher Scheme (Pilot Action)

Brief description on what it is about: Elaboration, launch and monitoring of a voucher scheme dedicated to traditional SMEs in need of creative industry services, boosting the demand of the CCI and adding value to the traditional sectors.

Who is involved/how is the stakeholder-cooperation?

  • North-West Regional Development Agency – as Managing authority for the Regional Creative Voucher Scheme (RCIA Pilot Project)
  • Cluj Cultural Centre (CCC) – main involvement in the implementation of the Pilot scheme, contribution to the promotion of the Voucher Scheme, engagement of the cultural & creative industries, evaluation of the proposals and added value to the matchmaking of the expertise, for the benefit of the SMEs and of the CCI providers. Also, CCC has the role to upscale the initiative after the Pilot ends and reaches impact towards the competitiveness of the SMEs.

Highlights and outstanding outcomes in 2020:

  •  Two internal meetings with CCC, agreeing the steps of the project, methodology, involvement and commitment of the initiative
  •  Internal meetings with INNO platform colleagues’ administrators, for correlating the call of proposal with the technical specificities of the platform
  •  Agreeing with Romanian FLC the minimum requirements of the call conditions
  •  Modifications operated in financial and public procurement internal project documents
  • Elaboration of the Applicants Guide (including criteria, financial mechanism) and Annexes (de minimis declaration and other) and of the Application Form – draft version