On the 11th October 2017 RCIA (Regional Creative Industries Alliance) was presented at the THE ARTS+ Innovation Summit for the CCI (Cultural and Creative Industries).

THE ARTS+ is a newly launched think-tank, conference and trade fair for the creative industries, within the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Several impulse speeches and discussions were held at THE ARTS+ focusing particularly on the development of a strategic view of the CCI and their role in the European programmes Horizon2020 and Creative Europe as well as on why we need a global approach to support innovation in the CCI.

Christina Koch, leader of RCIA, gave an impulse speech on the topic of “Innovation policies for the creative industries at the crossroads of culture, technology and business. Caught between all stools or managing diversity?!” The following round table discussion was moderated by Bernd Fesel, President of ECBN (European Creative Business Network) and senior advisor at the European Centre for Creative Economy (ecce) in Netherlands/Germany.


Christina presented an overview of the RCIA project with a special focus on boosting innovation through enhancing stronger interaction between CCI and the old economy, an issue high on the policy agenda in Austria.

In the following fruitful and lively round table discussion, the participants – amongst others Rolf Krämer (Head of Division Creative Industries at Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development, State of Hessen), Susanne Stöck (Hessen Agentur GmbH), Renzo Turatto (OECD), Egbert Rühl (Head of Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft mbH) and Norman Schulz (Thüringer Agentur für die Kreativwirtschaft) - debated over the question of why the role of regions is so important when it comes to innovation support for the CCI. The fact that creative industries have traditionally been at the cross-road of culture, business, technology and politics/ public sector influence led to questions and approaches on how we can shape their development in such a way to create a strong competitive advantage when it comes to supporting innovation.