2nd Local Stakeholders Group meeting in the Region of Sterea Ellada

On 11 December 2017, the Region of Sterea Ellada (Central Greece), held its second Stakeholder group meeting. The Local Stakeholder Group (LSG) of Sterea Ellada met in Lamia to continue establishing the working groups for the RCIA project and involve more stakeholders. In this context, they had the opportunity to present the RCIA project to the representatives of the Business Support Center of the Region of Central Greece.

The Vice Governor of Development Planning, Entrepreneurship and Extroversion of the Region of Central Greece, Mr. Themis Cheimaras invited the stakeholders to participate in the Local Stakeholder Group meeting of the Project. After accepting the invitations and setting up the group of representatives, the meeting was held in his office in Lamia.

The Local Stakeholders Group meeting started with a presentation of the representative of the Region of Sterea Ellada in the RCIA Project Mr. Grigorios Zacharis, who did an introduction to the project for the newcomers. The stakeholders were also informed about the aims and the objectives of the project and the outputs from the meetings and study visits held in Lublin and Barcelona.

The meeting also served to review the “good practice” examples shared by the partners from other European countries with emphasis on those most relevant to the action plan and the specific features of the Region of Sterea Ellada. The aim is the development of local strategies and sharing local analysis and best practices, in order to:

  • increase innovation capacities of public and especially private actors in the CCI sector and
  • create new innovative CCI clusters and networks.

Concerning the good practices presented from the project partners, during the meetings in Lublin and in Barcelona, the Greek stakeholders found the following very interesting:

The Demola initiative - because of the innovative way which young people with high education and talent can find jobs, as well as the way which young scientists are entering into the labor market. Given the fact that one of the biggest problems of the educational institutions of the Region of Central Greece is exactly this, the Demola initiative from Latvia could be applied in the Region of Central Greece as well.

Also, the good practice that gave rise to a lot of interest among the stakeholders and debat among them was the presentation “Wine culture and tourism development in the Montcau Valleys” presented in Barcelona. The Region of Sterea Ellada has a long tradition in this sector and it would be a big opportunity for the Region to exchange practices, methods, expertise and generally cooperation in every field in order to promote the competitiveness of local businesses. Moreover, the strategic and operational objectives of the Region of Sterea Ellada, implemented through the Agri-Food Partnership Agreement, are largely common and identical to those presented in this good practice.