RCIA Bolzano – Study Visit #5, part 2

Inspiring presentations, knowledge sharing and an inspiring workshop were among the activities planned for RCIA partners on the fifth RCIA study visit.

Policy Exchange and Wine – the Perfect Blend

Meeting at the NOI Tech Park on day two, the program started with presentations of the South Tyrol regional CCI initiatives. First up was the Film Fund and Commission at IDM Südtirol/Alto Adige. The initiative promotes the region as a go-to for shooting films and provides help in all areas of production, research, required permissions etc. This was followed by BASIS - Business and Service Incubator Silandro, a development project where the Municipality of Silandro will create an innovation and incubation center within the regional development project for research, innovation and the creative industry. In particular, BASIS will focus on the promotion of economy, education and culture. During the discussion following the two presentations, the focus was very much on the effects of building creative initiatives in rural areas and the chances of local support and eventually becoming sustainable as a project. The people behind the BASIS project are confident that they have found the key to do exactly this.

The rest of the morning program consisted of presentations of the Eco-social Design Masters degree, offering insights into how to create change in a local community that will led to transformation of our economic cultures, social practices and politics of everyday life, followed by a presentation of a regional Crowdfunding platform for companies in South Tyrol. The platform gives local companies another way of financing their initiatives and a way for stakeholders to support the regional environment.

The day ended at the Kellerei Termeno winery where Rasmus Tscherning from Creative Business Cup hosted a policy exchange and development workshop. The workshop aimed to give the partners an understanding of how to engage your national, regional or local government and reach your goals. It was followed by an open discussion among the partners and their stakeholders led by Irene Culleres and Lucia Seel around the past, present and future Good Practices, on how to further build the exchange process on them (via staff exchanges, policy round tables, direct dialogue for example) and how to pave the way for transfer of knowledge related to the issues addressed in the policy instruments. Obviously, one does not visit a winery just to learn about wine, and in this case first about policy development, but naturally also to taste the renowned Italian wines.

The third and final day took place at the Centro Culturale Claudio Trevi in Bolzano. Two Good Practices were presented: one on “Culture and entrepreneurship: the Italian Department of Culture approach” and one on the Film and Creative Industries Ecosystem. The latter being presented by our RCIA partner Renate Ranzi from IDM Südtirol/Alto Adige, who gave some extremely interesting insight into their approach to developing the new CCI strategy.

Following the presentations, the partners got to work hands-on the exchange of experience within the RCIA project. This led to not only some extremely good discussions on the work to be done but also a concrete plan on how to take the leap into working in policy roundtables in each region, forming the policies to be implemented throughout the lifespan of the project. Following up on the discussion from the first day of the study visit, partners formed 4 thematic working groups based on their interests that will be kicked-off during the next study visit in Riga.

Themes of the work groups:

• Strategy development with a strong research and methodology component

• Internationalisation: finding partners abroad, IPR, working with public/private institutions

• Financing: financing schemes, vouchers, capacity building for banks related to CCI

• Clustering or Film Funding


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