Meet the Local Stakeholder Group in Lublin

Get a closer look at the Lublin Local Stakeholder Group. It consists of representatives from creative industries such as architecture, music, performing arts and many more.

Who does your Local Stakeholder Group consist of (composition/structure)?

Our Local Stakeholder Group consists of about 40 of the most relevant stakeholders for the Lublin creative industries representing three main groups: entrepreneurs, universities and schools, as well as different kind of institutions starting with business environment institutions and finishing with public local authorities. The participants represent sectors of creative industries: architecture, design, book and publishing, music, radio & TV, advertisement, games and software, and performing arts.

How are you involving you LSG in your work with the project?

The stakeholders are involved in the project through LSG meetings, working meetings, and personal meetings locally here in Lublin. Additionally, the stakeholders are participating in the international study visits.

What theme(s) is/are addressed within the LSG?

During the working meetings, representatives of one or maximum two sectors discuss the needs, barriers and possible solutions in the scope of developing this subsector of creative industry in Lublin. On the LSG meetings, we share the experience and good practice from the RCIA international study visits.

How do(es) this/these theme(s) relate to the learnings from the RCIA project?

Currently, we are trying to diagnose the situation of the CCI in our region. However, several issues shared by the representatives of the local stakeholder group are similar to the ones that we heard on the international meeting. In such cases, we presented the good practices that we already learnt from the RCIA project.  

Hear from the Local Stakeholder Group :

Why have you joined your local RCIA stakeholder group?

“I work at the Faculty of Economics at the local University, so I believe that my knowledge will be useful for RCIA stakeholder group and also I can learn more about Creative Industry in practice.”

“I am both a scientist (I specialise in financial management and financial controlling, also real estate market) and an entrepreneur. So, as a scientist I want to improve my practical experience, especially at the crossroads of real estate market and CCI, that is architecture business. Moreover, I want to understand problems and actual issues of CCI businessmen, especially those who don’t feel as businessmen rather see themselves as artists. I would like to better diagnose their real business needs as entrepreneurs who run consulting business.”

“I participate in the local stakeholder group because I was invited by the authorities of Strategy and Investor Assistance Department of Municipality of Lublin due to my duties and experiences working in Lublin Design Institute.”


What are you hoping to achieve being part of the stakeholder group?

“I would like to be a part of a team working on strategy and also get experience in working in the project which connecting industry and culture.”

“I want to achieve both a scientist and practical goals. The scientist one is to research new scientific area at the crossroad of real estate business and CCI. I observed for a long time, that architects still find themselves as artists not businessmen (service suppliers), so they’re in the permanent business conflict with real estate developers.

I also hope to improve my own business and better customise my consulting services offer to the needs and specifics of work with CCI sector.”

What do you think are currently the biggest challenges for the CCI’s?

“In my opinion, the biggest challenge is lacking a coherent system of supporting the CCI sector. In the broader view, the challenge is the modern higher education in the sectors of CCI. Unfortunately, the local authorities don’t have any influence in the higher education system.”

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