On July 2nd IFKA has hosted a second policy learning event in Hungary in 2020. The topic of the meeting was: „Building an external network of mentors (code of ethics)”, which was dedicated to further development of Early Warning Hungary Program funded by the ERDF.

12 experts participated in the meeting both in person and on-line. The discussion was very open and all of the participants expressed their view on the requirements, which should be met by the pro-bono mentors, who will be working with Hungarian entrepreneurs. In the end everybody came to the agreement that 5 requirements should be selected out of the list of 25 indicated by meeting participants.

An important outcome of the meeting was that the mentors’ pool should include people with different expertise and background. Professional business consultants should compose just a small portion of this pool and should be paid if their expertise will be required. Same should apply to the lawyers, who will advise entrepreneurs on the bankruptcy and liquidation procedures.

All meeting participants were satisfied with an achieved result and are looking forward to further cooperation with IFKA in the frame of Early Warning Program implementation.”