On September 11 and 12, in the French city of Lille, the kick off meeting of the RECORD project is held, approved in the second call of the territorial cooperation program Interreg Europe, which will allow, through the cooperation between different European regions, coordinate and improve their innovation policies for sustainable transport, particularly in rail transport.

The project has a duration of two years, from June 2018. And for two more years the effectiveness of the policies designed or improved in the previous 24 months will be validated, involving more intensively interested agents such as logistics platforms, companies in the sector of the railroad, and other relevant agents in the field of logistics and transport in Aragon.

The project consortium, participated by the Government of Aragon through the Technological Institute of Aragon ITAINNOVA, is led by the French entity i-Trans-Transports Terrestres Promotion, and has the participation of three other public entities from Poland, Italy and Serbia in addition to those mentioned in Spain and France.

In Europe, the sensitivity and the effort for a sustainable transport, has allowed to generate innovation, knowledge and a huge value in the railway sector. However, this innovation is normally led by large companies. Aware of this reality, different regions, including Aragón, which contemplate sustainable transport in their strategy of smart specialization will carry out this project that aims to improve their innovation policies for the sector by targeting small and medium enterprises. Through the exchange of experiences and good practices, the aim is to find the mechanisms that allow these smaller companies to also be able to invest and lead innovation processes in order to achieve greater competitiveness.