One of the RECREATE Project Partners, the Regional Development Agency South-West Oltenia, participated to the international event “Development of Danube Tourist Ports through Destination Management Services and Organizations in Oltenia”.

The event was co-organised by Bio Oltenia Cluster, IPA Craiova and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dolj, within the EGTC – European Group of Territorial Cooperation (including 9 regions – one from Croatia, three from Serbia, three from Bulgaria and two from Romania) on 16th and 17th July 2021 in Burila Mare, Romania, near Drobeta Turnu-Severin (Danube Port). Participants were representatives of County Councils, Chambers of Trade & Industry, Danube ports administration in Romania, SMEs, NGOs, local authorities and universities from Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria.

On 16th July 2021, Mr. Sorin Cosmulescu from the Regional Development Agency South-West Oltenia presented the objectives and activities of the RECREATE Project as well as the results pursued. A special attention was paid to some of the findings generated within the RECREATE Transport SMEs Competitiveness Report, especially in relations to the Danube ports and harbors located in the South-West Oltenia Region of Romania.

Other interesting presentations were delivered about the business environment of South-West Oltenia, the North-West Region of Bulgaria as well as the Bor District of Serbia, in the perspective of a possible cooperation between the Bulgarian Regions of Vidin and Vratsa, the Serbian Region of Negotin and the South-West Region of Oltenia in the transport sector, specifically the Danube tourist ports in the border area between the three countries.

In the context of the event, the RECREATE Project was appreciated as a Good Practice example in the strategical approach of the transport sector of the Danube ports, based on the technical and economical analysis developed in the RECREATE Transport SMEs Competitiveness Report.