On 30th March 2022, the Regional Development Agency South-West Oltenia presented the RECREATE Project at a Stakeholder Meeting organised within the UpGrade SME Project.

The UpGrade SME Project is funded by the Interreg Europe programme and focuses on improving SME internationalisation policies through interregional learning processes.

On 30th March 2022, one of the Project Partners, South Muntenia Regional Development Agency (SMRDA) organised an online meeting between local stakeholders interested in improving regional and national policy instruments in the field of SME competitiveness development. The event was attended by relevant business and research and development representatives linked to the South - Muntenia region, including the Regional Development Agency South-West Oltenia, one of the RECREATE Project Partners.

The current state of the UpGradeSME Project, the conclusions of the study on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on SMEs and the public policy instrument (ROP AP2) were among the subjects presented to the participants. Information about the identification of relevant Good Practices on the internationalisation of SMEs in the post-COVID-19 era were also given. 

The representative of the Regional Development Agency South-West Oltenia delivered a presentation about the RECREATE Project, its aims and main achievements, the status of the work so far. Among the Good Practices described, there are the promise of complete assembly, by 2024, of an ultra-light helicopter, but also the popularisation of environmentally friendly means of transport, powered by hydrogen / compressed natural gas.

The event was an interesting opportunity to meet with another Interreg Europe project focused on a different aspect of SMEs competitiveness and share the findings of the RECREATE Project.