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Stakeholder meeting in Bulgaria


On 14 May 2021 the European Perspectives Foundation and University of Mining and...

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Sixth key stakeholder meeting Utrecht – 12 May 2021


On 12 May we gathered our Utrecht key stakeholders for an expert panel session.

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The 5th interregional meeting in Maramures


Between April 20-21 2021 Maramureș County Council organized an online...

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New stakeholders meeting in Maramureș


In February 2021, the project team of Maramureș County organized a new...

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5th key stakeholder meeting Utrecht


Central to the meeting was the first step in our three step approach to develop...

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Creation of the Commission to update DC-09 decree


Open online session to present the commission and main challenges to update...

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5th regional stakeholder meeting in SW Finland


This time the main goal of the meeting was to organize a planning meeting about...

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REDUCES Interregional Meeting Sofia 10-11 Dec 2020


The fourth REDUCES Interregional Meeting looked into the shared platforms.

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Virtual Stakeholder Meeting in Sofia, December, 2020


Stakeholders from all Bulgaria participated in REDUCES project SG meeting on...

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Economic growth and circular economy?


A short view of how circular economy is seen in the field of economics.

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