‘Transport for Greater Manchester’, the public transport service provider of the Greater Manchester Region, has made first steps to implement their projects. In order to improve transport solutions for event participants and for employees and guests of Wigan Hospital and other hospitals in Greater Manchester, several internal and external key meetings for the stakeholder ideation process were necessary.

For the first goal of improving the travel options to and from Wigan Hospital, two meetings took place. Internally, TfGM discussed potential travel improvements and knowledge sharing potential with an active travel officer. The second meeting took place with the sustainable travel lead at Wigan Hospital to discuss areas of customer information Improvements and also to arrange an introduction to Wigan Hospital head of communications. This helps the transport provider to foster the relationship with the hospital.

The second goal of providing sustainable transport solutions for the trips to and from football games and other events was also achieved by a mixture of internal and external events. TfGM established a new ‘event team’ structure, which represents a group of key stakeholders from the train, tram and bus departments. Under the coordination of a Travel Demand Manager, the team made progress to coordinate a host of events in 2022. Furthermore, external meetings also took place with Manchester United FC in February, which considered the option to invite TfGM to a fan forum meeting in April. A great opportunity, which could allow TfGM to present sustainable travel requirements from citizens for future football events and understand barriers. If the invitation takes place, it would be the first meeting of such kind.