REFORM has described the good practices from the three project partner cities of Thessaloniki, Manchester, and Bologna in detail. Nevertheless, it is very difficult to imagine the changes in each of the cities if you haven’t seen it with your own eyes. How does the Kodra military camp in Thessaloniki look like? What information does Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) display and how does the route planning app of Bologna looks like?

All these questions are answered in three different short explanatory movies, which have been created by POLIS Network and TfGM with the help of the local partners during the site visits in Spring 2022.

You can click on the headline of the city to access the video.


•    Added additional buses to cater the music and football venues across the city.
•    Provided dedicated traffic information for football fans via a new Manchester United twitter account for local traffic information, as well as homepages that provide live updates about potential traffic disruptions.
•    Cooperated with hospitals to install physical displays for bus information in the foyer of the hospital entrance. This solution was in the planning stage during the project visit.


•    Opened its local military camp for leisure activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since green spaces are very limited in Thessaloniki, the area significantly helps to distribute the crowds who want to enjoy green spaces
•    A new application was developed in the framework of the EU-funded Sustourismo project, which supports tourists to find sustainable tourist offers in Thessaloniki and the surrounding areas. The app promotes tourist destinations, sustainable travel and discounts for apps purchased through the app.


•    Integrated occupancy rates in the route planning app of ROGER
•    Increased the cooperation between passenger organisations, several train operators from the national and regional level as well as local initiatives to enhance the quality of rail services in the region of Emilia Romagna.