The fourth Exchange of Experience of RegionArts will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece on 19-21 June 2019. The meeting organised by KEPA will focus on “Screening EU projects and their transferability” in view of the European Commission been funding a whole range of projects promoting collaborations between artists and ICT, or related fields:  STARTS initiative (e.g. VERTIGO project), WORTH project (“making connections with design, craft and manufacturer”), Forumnet (for R&D/ artistic collaboration).

A pre-selection of relevant initiatives will be done before the event. LP will take the lead in the pre-selection, distributing a survey and some questions to partners before the event. Using hands-on tools, partners, policymakers and other stakeholders (ICT, artist, SMEs) will examine the strengths and weaknesses of selected programmes, and their potential transferability into their territories. 

Participants will also visit Labattoir and Technopolis. Labattoir is a new initiative of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, where the city is trying to respond to society’s needs and problems with the contribution of artists as a catalyst. Technopolis is Thessaloniki ICT Technology Park.

The event agenda is available in the 'Library' section of the website.