ENTER is organizing a creative digitally focused event in cooperation between Artists and Technologists, in which you can participate both live and remotely! The venue is the Incubator of Creative Industries in Koprivnica, but the event is planned to be broadcast in whole or in part online. The 3-4 hours event will consist of a panel discussion and two workshops and will be held in accordance with epidemiological recommendations. The aim of the whole event is to show how it is possible to connect the ICT and art sectors, why collaboration is important, discuss creativity in programming and why innovation arises from cooperation, how to achieve it and what it means to innovate.

  • [Organizers]: Enter Koprivnica
  • [Speakers]:

            Klara Petrović, curator and project manager at KONTEJNER, buiro of contemporary art praxis

            Deborah Hustić, Creative Director, Producer and PM at Radiona Zagreb Maker space, STEAM             consultant and trainer at the intersections of technology, art, science, and education

            Mario Čelan, project manager at gaming incubator PISMO-Novska, director of the
            Sisak-Moslavina County Development Agency “Simora”

            Bojan Bajić, Head of Marketing, Infinum

            Tomislav Buljubašić, 7 innovation

            Aleksandar Gavrilović, Gamechuck studio

            Luka Hrgović i Dino Julius, Julius Film

  • [Moderator]: 

            Ivana Nikolić Popović, president of Croatian cluster of competitiveness of creative and             cultural industries

More information can be found in the link below.