Is society predestined towards control, fear and predictability? Technology connected us globally but failed to bring humanity together. While listening to the technologist, we forgot to include the ideas of many others. Can the use of ever-increasing AI and algorithms serve humanity? With this event, we’ll reflect son the role of art & tech collaborations in an increasingly polarizing society. Guest speakers Douglas Rushkoff and Ellen Pearlman reflect on how we can make important choices wisely and what can be the role of (digital) art in an increasingly tech-dominated society. 

  • [Organizers]: Baltan Laboratories, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • [Speakers]:

            Douglas Rushkoff is a prolific author, award-winning documentarian and teacher. Rushkoff’s             work explores how different technological environments change our relationship to narrative,             money, power, and one another. He is also a columnist for Medium, technology and media             commentator for CNN, a research fellow at the Institute for the Future, and a lecturer on             media, technology, culture and economics around the world. 

            Dr. Ellen Pearlman is program director at ThoughtWorks Arts. She is a new media artist,             critic, curator and writer who created Noor: A Brain Opera, the world’s first immersive             interactive brain opera. She is on the faculty of Parsons/New School University, and a Senior             Researcher, Assistant Professor at RISEBA University in Riga, Latvia. Ellen is also President             of Art A-HackTM and Director and Curator of the New York Volumetric Society.  

  • [Moderator]:

            Olga Mink, director of Baltan Laboratories

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