Cultural and creative industries (CCIs) have always played an important driving role in the development of innovative processes that leverage human capital, vertical specialisations, and networks – often informal – that contribute to the creation of the 'soft economy'. The creative sectors are not only the generators of initiatives with a strong social impact but also create positive effects on the economy.

In fact, during the lockdown due to COVID-19, CCIs have exponentially increased the use of digital technology. On the one hand, the awareness of the importance of ICT, a channel on which to invest more resources, has increased; on the other hand, the technological gaps of cultural organisations that would need greater interaction with ICT professionals to develop integrated strategies and key competencies have become evident. 

The crisis also brought to light the urgent need to further encourage cross-fertilisation between the cultural and creative sectors and traditional industries, such as health and education, to develop new and more sustainable business models, to increase the innovative offer and generate positive spillovers on the territory and the economy. With this in mind, our event 'ICT Meets the Arts' will present projects linking ARTS & ICT and activities that expunge the boundaries between the two sectors to stimulate creativity and innovation.

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