Third Interregional Event for Exchange of Experiences (IEEE 3): From theory to practice. Experimental Models of Management Tested

On March 24 and 25, the III Interregional Meeting of MOMAr event brought together more than 70 experts from nine European countries in order to share cases of study, good and challenging practices in heritage management, focusing on digitalization and educational initiatives to transform heritage sites.

Interreg Europe aims to exchange knowledge between European territories with the last goal of having a positive impact on the national and regional policy instruments. With this desire to cooperate, MOMAr invited three other European projects with common features to its lines of action: Interreg CRinMA, Interreg RegionArts, and the platform Cultural and Creative Regional Ecosystems (CCRE-S3).

During this session Porto Design Factory had the opportunity to share the progress of RegionArts project, focussing the action plan development to support new ways of collaboration between arts and technologies, as well as good practices of policy instruments and funding mechanisms addressing this topic.

Also, the event was an opportunity to exchange the experience of managing a project with the current limitations due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

World Design Factory Day 2021

World DF Day 2021 is the annual event that brings together all design factory staff, community members, and even the prospective partners across the entire Design Factory Global Network (DFGN). One day full of virtual events, hosted by different DFs, to share their experiences, inspire others, and provide an opportunity for the greater global community to discuss topics close to our hearts. On May 6th, 2021 we have celebrated the amazing work DFs have done to translate the DF experience into a consistent and meaningful DFGN virtual experience.

Porto Design Factory organized the session "PDF research: when Arts meet ICT to foster innovation" to share best practices and discuss the future of innovation through the collaboration of Arts and ICT.

PDF has addressed the impact that the COVID-19 crisis has in the artistic and CCIs sectors, the importance of reinforcing cross-sectoral cooperation, and building collaborative networks with a focus on creativity and innovation. It was also discussed how the pandemic significantly accelerated the digital transformation and reinforced the need for technology innovation, as well as the important role the artistic and CCIs sectors have in this context, contributing to an approach focused on people – Human-Centered – and promoting the planet’s sustainable development.


Porto Design Factory LSG meeting: Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on artistic and creative communities - challenges and opportunities for SMEs

In a context in which artistic and creative communities around the world are forced to reinvent spaces of action and adapt strategies to face an unprecedented crisis, Porto Design Factory intended with this meeting to create a space for sharing good practices, challenges, and opportunities for SMEs in the Northern region of Portugal.

The valuable contributions from Stakeholders such as the Portuguese Business Association (AEP), National Innovation Agency (ANI), Braga Media Arts, among others, impacted the action plan developed to address the current impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on artistic and creative communities, as well as the challenges and opportunities for SMEs.

The meeting counted with the participation of Dr. Pedro Figueiredo, Head of Division for Project Coordination and Institutional Networks at CCDR-N, Managing Authority responsible for the policy instrument address in the context of RegionArts Project, that provided an overview of the regional strategy to tackle the above-mentioned challenges.