Partners from the RegionArts project, ART-ER, and Molise Region submitted their Action Plans “How to boost Arts & ICT” in Emilia Romagna and Molise region in Italy, developed within RegionArts.

The plans are a compilation of action steps and lessons learned gathered throughout the months of the project that started in June 2018.

Each of the planned events (workshops, lessons, round tables) and peer-to-peer reviews and exchanges were aimed to build capacities and improve knowledge on methodologies and practices to support the adoption of Art and ICT in productive processes and the recognition by regional policymakers of the positive (economic) impacts of such integration.

Also, policy, governance, management, marketing, and networking issues were tackled in order to complete the contents of the Action plan, both in the definition and in the implementation phases.

To know more about the ART-ER click here and Molise Region Action Plan click here.

The next phase will be to give members of the stakeholders' group access to the good practices collected by the partners, and will also play a role both when collecting the good practices and in the exchange and transfer phase.