Here is a look into RegionArts' latest booklet: "Evaluation Policy Instrument - Evaluating cross-cutting actions between art-culture-design and ICT sector".

This third booklet explores the project's interregional learning process in Phase 1 out of 2 (June 2018 to May 2021). During that time, the partners engaged in "Exchange of Experiences" and study visits among partners, which resulted in Action Plans incorporating the lessons learned into local policies and practices. 

This booklet showcases a quantitive and qualitative evaluation of the success of this first phase. To do that, every partner assessed the implementation of its action plans using two indicators: a self-defined performance indicator (one dedicated to each partner) and an impact of policies and supporting measures indicator (action plans). 

As a result, using an investigation methodology developed by the Molise Region together with RegionArts' partners, this booklet walks the reader through a comprehensive analysis of the partners' actions and their outcomes.

RegionArts expects to improve the management of public policies and public interventions aimed at creating a sustainable collaborative environment between artists, creators, and technologists, which will ultimately increase the availability of innovative ICT solutions and SMEs' competitiveness.

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