The iconic novel 'Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus' by Mary Shelley was published exactly 200 years ago. The story depicts Doctor Frankenstein who fails to act upon the destructive consequences of his own creature. The Frankenstein Symposium explores our paradoxical relationship with science and the importance of the Humanities in this debate. With a series of inspiring talks and performances, a narrative is depicted about how science can transform the world, but also how it can lead to human ignorance, superstition and prejudice.

The Frankenstein symposium addresses the responsibility that comes with great scientific breakthroughs. As a modern-day Prometheus, the symposium challenges us to rethink the ethics of future emerging technology in today’s society. How can the pursuit of scientific knowledge influence or even endanger humanity? To what extent do we own our creations? What can we learn from the non-human other? Should we give fire to the other, just like Prometheus did when he stole fire from the gods? Or Doctor Frankenstein, when he made a living creature, playing a godlike scientist? 

Expect a full-day program with mind boggling presentations, inspiring performances and a lively public debate.

The Frankenstein symposium is organized by RegionArts partner Baltan Laboratories and Robot Love during the Dutch Design Week. More information here.