The 1st Local Stakeholders Group Meeting of Molise Region took place on the November 30, at the Molise Region Office, in the Municipality of Campobasso (CB).  The works were opened with the greetings and thanks of Mr. Gaspare Tocci, Director of Office  “Servizio Competitività dei sistemi produttivi, sviluppo delle attività industriali, commerciali ed artigianali, politiche della concorrenza, internazionalizzazione delle imprese, cooperazione territoriale europea e marketing territoriale” and Mrs. Patrizia Niro, Project Manager of the RegionArts project, to the stakeholders present at the meeting.

Mr Gaspare Tocci was the first speaker of the session and stressed the importance of RegionArts having a group of local stakeholders that follows the various activities foreseen by it and their implementation. Mrs Patrizia Niro took the floor  by illustrating the RegionArts project, a European territorial cooperation project funded under the Interreg Europe 2014-2020 Program (Axis 2 Competitiveness of small and medium companies) and the aim of the project (the implementation of Structural funds, or other funds, in 7 partner regions through the remodeling or programming of supporting actions and funding lines able to promote and support collaborations between artists and ICT companies). Mrs Niro, therefore underlined the importance of the involvement of local stakeholders, as bearers of interests capable of generating: cooperation, collaboration, community and also to promote the exchange of experiences that may lead to propose possible actions that could be implemented in the framework of 2014-2020 Molise Region EFS/ERDF ROP.

Mr Gaspare Tocci introduced Mr Fabrizio Spallone, manager of Sviluppo Italia Molise, Molise  Region company that is managing also the Regional strategic Tourism Plan. He took the floor and stressed the importance of  RegionArts fitting directly into the RIS 3 framework, where innovation and technology are considered important assets for the Region to overcome barriers between the artists and bureaucracy within the companies. Mr Fabrizio Spallone also stated that the participation in the Exchange of Experience of Bologna and Eindhoven, where he was involved as a stakeholder, was very interesting because showed an innovative approach to tackle these topics.

After the “mapping the ecosystem” activity and the analysis of good practices by stakeholders, a Regionarts Action Plan for Molise will be drafted. Stakeholders could not stress enough the importance of creating more opportunities for cooperation for the two sectors of reference of the project (ICT & arts), as well as more dedicated supporting measures, in order to improve dialogue and cooperation between ICT and arts. Finally, in view of the upcoming project activities (mapping and Action Plan), it was suggested to broaden the number of stakeholders involved. 

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