In the framework of RegionArts, KEPA organised the 2nd Local Stakeholders Group (LSG) meeting ‘Mapping the CCIs/ICT Ecosystem’ on Tuesday, May 28th 2019, at Hellenic Design Centre.

This second meeting with the stakeholders was attended by representatives from public and local authorities, academic/research institutes, cultural organisations and organisation supporting innovation.

At first, the framework of mapping the CCIs and ICT ecosystem was set, followed by the presentation of the research results regarding the ecosystem in Central Macedonia, which had been conducted in the previous period within RegionArts project.

Afterwards, the participants worked in teams and, based on the above-mentioned research results and with the use of special tools, proceeded to gradually map the CCIs and ICT ecosystem in the region of Central Macedonia. More specifically, the organisations composing the ecosystem were listed and categorised and then the ecosystem’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to the main challenges and the stakeholders’ needs were assessed. 

All the attendants actively participated in this interactive workshop, shared their experiences and concerns, had a fruitful dialogue and came up with the substantial issues that the ecosystem is facing.

During the closing session of the meeting, the next RegionArts project’s activities were outlined and all the participants agreed on the next step to elaborate proposals for the improvement of the CCIs and ICT ecosystem in the region of Central Macedonia.