On 29th November 2018 ASTER hosted the first Local Stakeholder Group meeting  at Le Serre di Aster, Bologna. The event gave the opportunity, to both stakeholders and ASTER staff dedicated to RegionArts, to officially meet, discuss and decide upon future steps to reach the project objectives: foster interaction between artists and ICT professionals to support SMEs competitiveness

In the months prior to the meeting, ASTER reached out to potential organizations and institutions that, in accordance with the goals of the project, could be interested and suitable for taking part in the regional working group.  The players involved in the project range from the regional government to CCIs clusters, to development agencies, to higher education institutions to municipalities and research centres. 

The LSG is an essential part of the project: it allows to understand the needs of the ecosystem and define concrete actions. The aim is to influence regional measures to encourage further connections between creativity and technology.

During the meeting, ASTER shared with the group the activities carried out and the topics tackled during the study visit organized by Baltan Labs in Eindhoven. Stakeholders who attended the visit took the floor and shed a light on the good practices they learned about: the Dutch Design Foundation, Creative Ring, Media Cluster.  Based on that, stakeholders discussed the potential implementation of certain initiatives in the Emilia-Romagna Region, with reference to the peculiarities of the territory and the CCIs sector. 

ASTER also presented an activity that will be carried out at partner level and which will need stakeholders’ contribution: mapping existing initiatives, organizations, institutions, measures from Emilia-Romagna which already work on the integration of Arts and ICT.