It took place last Wednesday, May 8th, at the headquarters of the Molise Region in Campobasso, the second Local Stakeholder Group of RegionArts. 

The promotion of the competitiveness and innovation of companies through the integration and synergies between ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and the world of arts and design is a thematic deeply discussed by the European Community and one that has activated various actions to achieve a more constant connection between the actors of creativity (artists) and the world of technology, with particular reference to innovative sectors and ICT, supporting the development of new products and solutions. 


This objective can be achieved above all through active involvement and continuous awareness and information of the stakeholders who must be interested, involved at the local level and have the opportunity to participate in international events to exchange experiences and best practices. In fact, this LSG meeting was also an opportunity to transfer experiences and emotions of those who participated in the third "Exchange of Experience" in Porto (Portugal), from 13 to 15 March 2019, at the Porto Design Factory and receive useful suggestions for the identification of good practices that will be presented in the next "Exchange of Experience" in Thessaloniki from 19 to 21 June.