On November 25th, Baltan laboratories organised a stakeholder meeting the Natlab  in Eindhoven. In the context of exploring the priorities and challenges of this city and region, we invited stakeholders from art, ICT and policy. The purpose was to explore the value creation between these three disciplines. The session was led by Koen Snoeckx

The main goal of the meeting was divided into two parts: a mutual introduction based on concrete plans and cases, and a dialogue to explore opportunities for collaboration. Eindhoven has a DNA of technology, design and knowledge. Both the creative and technological sector are highly developed and active. There is a challenge however, to make this identity tangible in the city. Eindhoven is one of the most innovative regions, nonetheless, this doesn’t always show when you take a walk around the city. 

There’s an opportunity for art and ICT collaborations to create ways to make the city’s DNA more tangible. Another challenge is to explore how citizens of Eindhoven can benefit more from the (technological) innovations and developments from the Eindhoven technological sector. How can technology be more useful for a city and its inhabitants? 

In the coming period, we will discuss these questions, challenges and opportunities in greater depth with the stakeholders. Next to that, we will organise a Night for Arts & ICT in June 2020. 

Exchange of Experience 5 – Screening existing support programmes and  practices in partner regions 

In Brussels, the consortium came together to present projects and policies from their region that facilitated cross-sectoral collaborations. Each partner presented best practices from their region. The study visits were devoted to associations, such as ERRIN and Flanders DC, that help and interface the various actors of the creative industries. You can find the full report on the library section.