On 16th September 2019 CLASSIS Museo della città e del territorio, home to Laboratorio Aperto di Ravenna, opened its doors to several regional stakeholders active in the Cultural and Creative Industries sector: from public administrations to professional associations to enterprises.  The day was in fact dedicated to co-designing activities that should be implemented in the programming of Laboratorio Aperto. 


What is then Laboratorio Aperto?

Laboratorio Aperto is a regional project co-financed by ROP-ERDF 2014-2020 of the Emilia-Romagna Region: the aim being the creation of 10 laboratories scattered throughout the territory to shrink the digital divide. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies and participatory initiatives offered by these spaces, citizens can develop digital skills, share ideas, co-create new products and innovative services. In the end, a close-knit community aware of the potential of ICT solutions should blossom. 

The majority of these laboratories have a strong focus on the cultural and creative field. Indeed, the sector has at its disposal powerful tools to connect people, ignite social innovation and facilitate change. Ravenna, in particular, is a city counting on a rich cultural heritage: that is why Laboratorio Aperto Ravenna has included this fundamental element in its strategy. The main theme is, in fact, culture-based tourism which can be further improved thanks to co-design, digital applications and creative models. 

During the co-creation day ART-ER, as one of the stakeholders, introduced the RegionArts project to the rest of the group to highlight, once again, the importance of connecting players belonging to different spheres (SMEs, technologists and artists) in order to generate pioneering ideas and create cooperative environments. It was also the chance to remind everyone that different regions are working on the very same topics and are heading towards the same direction: cross-fertilization can truly trigger competitiveness