On 28th June 2019, Barbara Busi - coordinator of  ART-ER Cultural and Creative Industries Unit - participated as a guest speaker in the conference 'Collaborations between traditional enterprises and CCIs', which took place in Trieste (Friuli Venezia Giulia) in the framework of Area Science Park.

Policies, case studies and good practices blending traditional industries with the cultural field were explored during the event.  The session dedicated to innovation processes integrating creativity and other productive activities in Emilia-Romagna also detailed the latest achievements of the RegionArts project: Barbara Busi presented all regional initiatives (policies, events, players, courses, measures etc.) connecting arts with ICT, which had been mapped in the previous months. 

SMEs and artists can thrive if they adopt cooperative approaches: working together and exploiting the tools offered by the digital era can lead to a cross-fertilization of competences, faster time to market, a greater product differentiation, easier access to alternative distribution channels.  

Companies actively welcoming culture inside their value chain result more profitable and can better face the challenges arising from a fast-paced economy. At the same time, creative talents can develop a business-oriented mindset which can ultimately foster the economic sustainability of their organization.