An event to debunk the idea that European projects appear sometimes far away from the ecosystem actors'preoccupations 

That is why the Pays de la Loire Region organized an online dissemination event on the global thematic of “AgTech in Pays de la Loire Region”.

During this session, the project partner will present the Regions 4Food project, its action plan recently validated by the JS and its repercussion on the territory of Pays de la Loire.

Indeed, the action plan of the Pays de la Loire Region will permit the structuration of a real DIH composed of local stakeholders gathered around the AgTech problematic. They shall permit the structuration of the sector in the Pays de la Loire Region, lead to the building of cooperative projects on the topic and enhance the service offer of the regional EDIH.

The second action of PP2 Action plan will enable to start to think about new, innovative training on Agtech among both farmers and digital professionals.

Since the Pays de la Loire Region is also involved in another European project on AgTech, which already contributed to the structuration of its local ecosystem of stakeholders on the digital agriculture, it will be mentioned but it will mainly introduce the presentation of the experimental farms located in the Pays de la Loire region which test numeric and technological innovations on our territory – the DIGIFERMES – and which shall play an important role in the new DIH planned in the Pays de la Loire’s action plan.

A second intervention will present a new regional dispositive supported by the Region which, thans to the Regions 4Food project, is now aware of the importance of AgTech and more precisely measured the importance to align digital solutions for farmers with tech providers. This dispositive called AgriFarmLab aims to help SMEs to develop adapted tools for farmers with the technological support from adequate structures, which will also offer the possibility to have direct access to the land to test their solution thanks to farmers who will have a role of mentor/tester of their solutions.

With the all-in-one approach of this dissemination event, project partners wish to attract a wider public than the one used to European projects. By doing so, it hopes that more stakeholders will get to know the Regions 4Food project and participate to the implementation of its action plan.