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Strategic Policy Recommendations


Strategic Policy Recommendations of the REGIONS 4FOOD project to the EU...

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During Macfrut a conference on Smart Fruit Growing


A conference on Smart Fruit Growing was organized by UNIBO and ART-ER

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Second R4F Dissemination event in Pazardzhik


The second Dissemination event within the REGIONS 4FOOD project was organised by...

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South Transdanubia Region Action Plan is now ready


On 13 September 2021, the South Transdanubia Regional Innovation Agency -...

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Regions 4Food | Newsletter #6


The sixth Regions 4Food newsletter is now out

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Let's talk about the Pays de la Loire stakeholders


This semester, we give the floor to Laura Perez from the Chamber of Agriculture...

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Andalusia Region presented its Action Plan


Last September 30th the Action Plan from the Andalusia Regional Ministry of...

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Strategic Policy Recommendations from Regions 4Food


REGIONS 4FOOD project partners reach an agreement on Strategic Policy...

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Reportage after the R4F Brussels' meeting


Digitisation of the agricultural sector: complex, innovation based rural...

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The Action Plan running in South Ostrobothnia


As the active phase of the project is coming to end, also the Action Plan...

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The Regions 4Food Action Plans being released


The 7 project Action Plans are about to be released

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