This is the fifth Regions 4Food e-newsletter, the second in a row to be prepared while outside the global Covid-19 pandemic affects people's and organizations' lives. 

There is one unexpected fact that can't be ignored: in the last year the world has changed, and digital technologies diffusion has grown exponentially. This means that all actions aimed at accelerating the digital transformation should seize the moment and continue to pursue their intent, looking forward to overcoming this challenging situation.

During the last six months, we had our first online study visit: it was in Hungary and has been a very interesting one. Later this semester, the project partners have worked on a draft action plan, and started the peer reviewing season.

In this semester's newsletter we will read:

  • a review of Hungarian Good Practices and the report of what happened during the study visit
  • the peer review process from the point of view of project partners
  • a useful short list of relevant links to EU documents and initiatives on Agrifood digitissation.

Regions 4Food: 3 Good practices from Hungary

The good practices presented by STRIA. Read more

Online study visit in Hungary

What happened in Hungary in June. Read more

It’s a long way to the top

The peer review process, well explained. Read more

Which way follows an Action plan? part I

The Spanish peer review told by South Transdanubian region. Read more

Which way follows an Action plan? part II

The Finnish peer review told by South Transdanubian region. Read more

Which way follows an Action plan? part III

The peer review from France and Netherlands told by STRIA. Read more

South Ostrobothnia's Action plan journey so far

The peer review process told by South Ostrobothnia region. Read more

Andalusia Region goes through peer review process

The peer review process told by Andalusia region. Read more

R4F peer review in Emilia-Romagna Region

The peer review told by a project stakeholder in Emilia-Romagna. Read more

EIP-AGRI relevant document on Agrifood digitisation

Inspirational ideas, meeting reports and Digital Innovation Hubs information from EIP-AGRI. Read more

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