Recent developments of PRA’s Action Plan elaborated within the Regions4Food project were presented on March 19, 2021 during the annual online Round Table on "Challenges for small-scale family farming in Bulgaria".

Representatives of the Pazardzhik Regional Administration (PRA), partner region to the Regions4Food project team, took part in the annual online discussion forum organized by the Land - Source of Income Foundation – Plovdiv with the support of the Department of Economics at the Agricultural University - Plovdiv and the Center for Entrepreneurship at the Technical University - Sofia, Plovdiv branch, with the financial support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation. Presentation of Bulgarian software applications in support of large and small-scale farmers was given by the leading IT company NIK for farming IT products and services ( ;

Discussed at the Round Table were satellite technologies (GeoScan&GeoScan Meteo ) to help family farmers, which were presented in detail by representatives of the "Land source of income" Foundation – Plovdiv, a major regional stakeholder of PRA in the Regions4Food project.

The event also focused on the presentation of the recently developed and inspired by the exchange of experiences within the R4F project functionalities of the electronic platform ( of the Foundation, as the Chairman of the Board, Prof. Dr. Ivan Penov, noted the progress in the implementation of one of the actions in the Action Plan of Pazardzhik Regional Administration prepared under the Region 4Food project, namely " Meteorological stations on two demo farms”. The broad forum was attended by representatives of the agro-food research and scientific community, regional authorities, small-scale family farmers and NGOs from the South Central region. The participation of PRA’s R4F project team in the discussions of the Round Table was part of the activities for the finalization of the Action Plan developed in the framework of the project and elaborated with a wide range of regional stakeholders.