This is the sixth Regions 4Food e-newsletter, the one in-between Phase I and Phase II of the project.

During the last year, partners have worked to complete their Action Plans, working in close cooperation with local stakeholders and keeping the debate alive within the partnership, and now we can finally see the result of the work done.

This release of the newsletter will be mainly dedicated to the regional Action Plans; we will also talk about the High Level Political Event with the linked Interregional seminar, that were held in presence in Brussels in October, and gave us the possibility to meet again after two years of pandemic; that was also the occasion to share the first project video, that we are now glad to share here. Finally, we will read an interesting interview with the Chamber of Agriculture of Pays de la Loire.


 South Transdanubia Region Action Plan is now ready

On 13 September 2021, the South Transdanubia Regional Innovation Agency - hereinafter STRIA -, held the 7th stakeholder meeting of the Regions 4Food Interreg Europe project online. Read more

Andalusia Region presented its Action Plan

Last September 30th the Action Plan from the Andalusia Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development was presented. Read more

The Action Plan running in South Ostrobothnia

As the active phase of the project is coming to end, also the Action Plan process is being finalized. Here’s what has been happening in Finland. Read more

Strategic Policy Recommendations from Regions 4Food

REGIONS 4FOOD project partners reach an agreement on Strategic Policy Recommendations to EU strategies in the agri-food vaue chain. Read more

Let's talk about the Pays de la Loire stakeholders

An interview with Laura Perez, from de Chamber of Agriculture of Pays de La Loire. Read more

The Regions 4Food project video is now out

Watch the video

 Regions 4Food told by Pays de La Loire Region

Watch the video

Action plans section on the website

Visit the Library and read our Action plans