The REGIONS 4FOOD project focused on maximizing the innovation potential of all actors in the value chain in the agri-food sector through the improvement of regional policy tools to promote digitization and better address new challenges in relation to ICT.

In the policy purpose, the Emilia-Romagna 2014-2020 Regional ERDF Operational Program has provided useful guidance to develop projects in increasing and adopting digitization processes especially on precision agriculture and in particular:

- POSITIVE Scalable Operational Protocols for Precision Agriculture


- S3O Smart Specialized Sustainable Orchard

These projects have seen the direct involvement of numerous companies in the Emilia-Romagna region with a dissemination of the results achieved to more than 200 companies. Added to this is the activity of the Agrifood Clust-ER on 3 Focus Groups related to the theme of digitization in the wine, fish farming/aquaculture and straw cereals sectors, which are coming to an end.

Last but not least, the support action that ART-ER together with the Clust-ERs provided to the Regional Government in the definition of the thematic fields of the S3 | Smart Specialization Strategy 2021-2027, giving strong emphasis in promoting digitization not only on the agricultural front, but also of production processes, products and consumer relations.