5-6 September the partners of REGIONS 4FOOD project will come together at the next Study Visit, this time in the “Food Province of Finland”: South Ostrobothnia. The visit includes the following Good Practices:

Frami Campus and Food Forum

Frami Campus includes key actors of agri-food sector in higher education and RDI. Cooperation between actors is tight, and they have committed to develop the agri-food sector cluster together. Key actors have actively worked together in several actions to strengthen the local agri-food sector cluster, and make the region visible as the Food Province of Finland.

Utilizing data in animal welfare verification and tracking: Case Sikava, ETT 

Collecting data improves traceability and enables national scale information about animal health, welfare and medication. Sikava is a national quality system for animal health in pork production (similar available for beef/milk). Presentations of data usage in animal welfare and traceability in the food value chain: ETT as organizer; meat company with farm level traceability; advanced dairy farm; Honkajoki by-products; Logmore QR data logger for traceability and food safety in storage and transportation.

Agro Living Lab & eLiving Lab–projects: Cooperation of farmers and local agrotechnology companies

Agro Living Lab and eLiving Lab were EARDF projects where network of farmers was included in the development and testing process of agrotechnology machinery and digital solutions. Cooperation benefits both parties and leads to better usability of new technologies.

REKO local food market with digital ordering system

The REKO retail and distribution model offers customers a way of ordering products directly from the producer. The REKO networks operate via Facebook as closed groups. REKO brings local food producers to food markets, that would not exist otherwise. Pre-ordered products and specific timescale make it possible.  

ResQ Club mobile app connecting restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores with consumers to reduce food waste

ResQ partners can drastically reduce their food waste with this proprietary location-based mobile and web service, as it enables consumers to find and rescue surplus food in their proximity. Every meal purchased via ResQ is one less meal thrown away, helping urban communities to waste less and be more sustainable. 

Interesting days ahead!